TDBA has developed a “Basketball Specific” academy designed for young, elite athletes to enhance their overall basketball skills, personalities, and lives with some of the best coaching, trainers and innovative technology in the world. Each of our players are to be trained and prepared specifically for their transition from high school, into life in the NBA.

Our goal at The Dream Basketball Academy is to equip our players with the proper balance between the game of basketball and personal development, both on and off the court. Only a balanced person mentally and physically, can develop into the most complete basketball player and person one aims to be.

Our players play at the highest level of basketball in Australia (the National Basketball League), with the Adelaide 36ers, while we sharpen their individual skills at The Dream Basketball Academy. NBA rookies need to adjust not only to the speed and physicality of the professional game but also to life off the court, by which in most cases they are blind-sided. Newcomers to the league will face challenges in their personal lives that range from managing finances, media communication and personal conduct in the public eye. With some rookies entering the league at 19, handling the spotlight and new-found fortune can be a lot to be asked of and tackle.

TDBA was established as an all-in-one basketball platform designed to guide each academy player’s transition into a life in the NBA and most importantly beyond. The Academy will provide its players with not only elite basketball techniques, but with the proper skills, information, and resources needed to enable them to proactively make quality decisions, think and react logically, and successfully adapt to the lifestyle of today’s NBA, and society.